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Posted on 29th Dec at 10:49 PM, with 42 notes
Rise of the Guardians and sad back stories

As we all know, Rise of the Guardians has some really sad back stories. First, there’s Pitch, who was taken over by the fearlings long before the movie happened, and all the stuff about his daughter. Then, there’s Jack Frost, who sacrificed himself to save his sister before forgetting about her for three hundred years.

But I think the sad back story that really trumps them all is the movie’s back story.

(source: arlothia)

Rise of the Guardians is based off the question of “Do Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny know each other,” posed by producer William Joyce’s daughter, Mary Katherine. That question started a twenty year long journey for Joyce to make the movie. But what makes this really sad is that Mary Katherine died two years ago from a brain tumor. She never got to see the movie in its final stages.

If that’s not a sad back story, I don’t know what is.

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