// // This Is What It Is to Earn A Dragon's Loyalty, Today we were working on our computers in Spanish...
This Is What It Is to Earn A Dragon's Loyalty
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Posted on 9th May at 8:08 PM, with 17 notes

Today we were working on our computers in Spanish class and my teacher came to check on how we were doing and when he got to me he saw my Jack Frost shimeji and asked me what “that little guy running around your computer was” and so I said it was a character from a movie because I don’t exactly make it public knowledge that I have an obsession with Rise of the Guardians,but it didn’t really matter because he then said, “he looks like that guy, what’s his name, Jack from that movie.” And at the same time, the girl sitting next to me (who is like the smart, nice girl that everyone likes) said “Jack Frost?” while my teacher finished with “Rise of the Guardians” and I kind of hid my face in shame and said “yes” while slightly laughing and then my teacher went on about how he actually liked the movie quite a bit when he saw it with his four year old daughter and now I think my Spanish teacher is even cooler than he was and no one thinks I’m any weirder than I was because I like an animated movie so much.

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